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Revision to Fall 2014 Newsletter
Posted on Oct 7th, 2015

There was an unfortunate error during the printing of our most recent newsletter which placed a box regarding recycling in front of some important information.  We apologize for any confusion.  The box regarding the proposed amendment to Northlake Neighborhood Covenants should read as follows:
“Homeowner will have 20 days from ACC decision to file an appeal. ACC members and the homeowner will appear before the Board and state their positions at the next available meeting date.  A majority vote of the Board will be necessary to overturn an ACC decision.”
 The covenants currently mandate a decision regarding exterior renovations to be made by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) by the votes of three members on the committee.  The board wishes to include an appeal process that other neighborhoods such as Middleton Hills include in their covenants.  The hope is to not use it as a way to necessarily overturn an ACC decision, but to allow a homeowner a chance to present an appeal if they feel the ACC members at the time of the decision acted outside of the guidance mandated by the covenants.  We will need 2/3 of the neighborhood to vote at the meeting or by proxy form in order to vote on this ammendment.  More information regarding the vote for this appeal and proxy forms will be included in an additional mailing and email. 
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