• What is the 2021 Refuse & Recycling Schedule?
    • The 2021 Refuse and Recycling Schedule is here
  • What is the Mailing Address for the Association?
    • Northlake Neighborhood Association
      6907 University Avenue, MB 101
      Middleton, WI  53562

  • How do I order a new mailbox?
    • The UPS Store in Middleton will sell you a replacement mailbox with free shipping. The cost is $240 for the mailbox, $260 for a mailbox with a clear coat. Stop by the UPS Store located on University Ave. for more information. If you have questions about the ordering process, please call the number below. The mailbox must be the plain copper finish with address (number and street name) embossed on the bottom, no additional embossed imagery.
      The UPS Store
      6907 University Avenue
      Middleton, WI 53562
      (608) 831-4090
      You can also purchase a new mailbox directly through the manufacturer's website for $200. A mailbox with the clear coat finish is $235. Shipping is not included in this price. Visit their website for more information:
      Still River Designs
      22 Rood Hill Road
      Sandisfield, MA 01255
      Ph: 413-258-4459
      Fax: 413-258-4469

      Prices may vary.

  • Where can I get items related to the maintenance/replacement of my mailbox post, newspaper box, and light post?
    • Mailbox Posts
      Jeff Solner is able to make and install mailbox posts for the neighborhood. 
      All new 4" x 6" treated post and custom sandblasted number cedar newspaper box $240.00  
      Only cedar newspaper box with sandblasted numbers is $140.00
      Only 4" x 6" treated and painted post is $100.00
      For installation of just the newspaper box is $45.00
      To repaint the post is $65.00
      To change out the post is $100.00
      To change out the post with concrete at base is $120.00
      (Prices may vary.)

      Contact Jeff at [email protected] or 608-577-8078 
      Mailbox Stain
      To keep the mailbox supports looking nice, feel free to use the following:
      Mailbox Post: Sherwin Williams Woodscapes - "Canoe" solid color exterior house stain, #2043
      Newspaper Box: Sherwin Williams Deckscapes semi-transparent stain "Cedar Bark" (formerly "Cuprinol" deck stain) and any Hunter Green for the numbers
      Lights and Posts
      To purchase or replace your front yard light and/or post, please contact:
      Madison Lighting
      6701 Watts Road
      Madison, WI 53719
      or call 608-271-6911
      When you talk to a sales representative, mention that you live in Northlake Neighborhood to receive the proper discount and approved fixtures.
      Post is made by Kichler, Item Number K9506BK
      Post Light is made by Hinkley Lighting, Item Number 1441BK

  • I would like to make changes to my home and/or lot. Whom do I contact for approval?
  • How do I submit a complaint to the Neighborhood Association?
    • Please rest assured that all complaints remain anonymous unless otherwise requested.
      If you wish to submit a complaint, you may do so one of three ways:
      1. Use the "Contact Us" link from the left-hand sidebar of this website.
      2. Send a message to the Board of Directors via: [email protected]
      3. Send us a written letter of complaint to:
      Northlake Neighborhood Association
      6907 University Avenue, MB 101
      Middleton, WI 53562
      Please include your name, contact information, and a detailed account of your complaint.  If you are alerting us to a violation of the Covenants, please provide us with the address of the lot in question.  Please include any information that you feel would be helpful to us.  We will get back to you with our suggestions and/or plans of action.
  • How do I access the "Residents Only" section of the website and receive HOA emails? 
    • Click "register" in the upper right hand corner of the Northlake website homepage (www.northlakeneighborhood.com). You'll be prompted to enter your information and address. Once submitted, the webmaster will approve your account within 1-2 days. After approved, you can access the full website and will be added to our email list. (only current residents of Northlake Neighborhood can access our full website.) Email [email protected] if you are having any problems with accessing our website.
  • How do I join the Northlake Neighborhood private Facebook group? 
    • If you are a Facebook user, Northlake Neighborhood has a private Facebook group for residents of our neighborhood. This group is meant to help neighbors connect, share local news and events, as well as post any announcements from the HOA board. It is monitored by the HOA board and any inappropriate posts will be removed. Click here to join - you will be prompted to enter your name and address in Northlake to join.